RISD + Google Glass = ?

Jul 30, 2013

Students at the Rhode Island School of Design will be among the first to experiment with Google Glass, the high-tech head sets that seem more science fiction than reality.

RISD has received three Google Glass prototypes and $4,000 from Google as part of an initiative to have college film students use the new device to make movies. Some of the other schools participating in the program include the American Film Institute, The California Institute of the Arts, and The University of Southern California, according to the Associated Press.

Google Glass can take pictures and videos, get directions and even provide translation services with a voice command that starts “Ok, glass.” The product has been controversial with critics charging it could allow users to take secret photos, posing a threat to privacy.

RISD says it is still working out exactly how students will use the devices. Film/Animation/Video Professor John Terry says one idea involves an “immersive documentary” in which viewers would be “brought into a personal relationship” between two students. Another idea is to look at how perspective changes from one person to the next.

“The project will present three versions of the same Providence street scenes as filmed (and subconsciously edited) by three different Google Glass wearers,” RISD explained in a press release. “In so doing, the team hopes ‘to explore the mental models we have, how we subconsciously notice the things we want to and subconsciously blank out things we don’t want.’”