RISD Reaches Deal With Technicians' Union

Apr 7, 2015

The Rhode Island school of Design in Providence has reached a contract agreement with the Technicians’ Union.  The union’s 44 members began a public strike last Thursday.

A RISD technician striking last Thursday in front of the President's office in Providence.
Credit John Bender / RIPR

By Friday dozens of students had joined the 44 workers in picket lines around the campus.  RISD’s technicians operate ceramics, metal working, and glass studios, among others.  The Technicians’ union alleged that they get fewer benefits than other faculty, and that RISD walked away from negotiations. School officials say the union rejected the contract they offered.

But by Monday, the group reached a three-year contract agreement, with the stipulation that pension benefits would not be reduced.

The technicians have returned to work, and studios that needed to be shut down have reopened.

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