Robitaille makes claims of overtures

Providence, R.I. – Republican gubernatorial candidate John Robitaille says intermediaries for Democrat Frank Caprio approached him several times about dropping out of the race.

John Robitaille says supporters of Frank Caprio spoke to him at least six times about dropping out of the race. The reward, says Robitaille, would have been any job he wanted in a Caprio administration.

"He was not the one that said anything I wanted. I just want to make that clear. But one of his intermediaries did, basically said anything you want to get out of the race and I will not get out of the race for anyone or anything," says Robitailler.

Nick Heeman, a spokesman for the Caprio campaign, declined comment. In an an email he said Caprio would not weigh in on anything that has no impact on working families in Rhode Island.