Roger Williams Holds the Line on Tuition

Sep 13, 2013

Roger Williams University is freezing tuition rates for a third year in a row. RIPR's Flo Jonic spoke with Roger Williams President Donald Farish about the decision. Here's her report:

Roger Williams University Holding Onto Tuition Freeze 

Roger Williams University said it’s holding the line on tuition costs.  Tuition will remain just below 30-thousand dollars for the third year in a row.

And University president Donald Farish said he will keep it frozen as long as possible.

"Our goal is to make Roger Williams education a  little more affordable every year to a few more people by not increasing our tuition," said Farish.

Roger Willliams’ commitment to holding the line on tuition is paying dividends. The university says its freshman-to-sophomore retention rate has increased from 78 to 84 percent. The revenue generated by that jump actually exceeded what the University would have generated through a three percent tuition increase.