Roger Williams Park Zoo Announces Birth Of Baby Kanagroo

May 8, 2014

Roger Williams Park Zoo is announcing the birth of a Matschie Tree Kanagroo. The baby kangaroo has just started to poke her head out of her mother’s pouch.

Holly, a baby Matschie Tree Kangaroo peaks her head out of her mother's pouch.
Credit Roger Williams Park Zoo

Zookeepers are pretty sure the baby Matschie Tree Kangaroo is a girl, and went ahead and named her Holly.

She was born back in October and has spent the past several months tucked away in her mother’s pouch. Now that she’s poking her head out, the zoo decided to spread the news. 

Matschie Tree Kangaroos are indigenous to the rainforests of Papua New Guina. Rare, there are fewer than 2,500 of them left in the wild.

The zoo halted construction on a new tree roo exhibit due to the birth. That exhibit is now slated to open in the fall.