Roger Williams University Touts Success of Tuition Freeze

Sep 16, 2013

Roger Williams University is reporting success with a new marketing tool. The tuition guarantee program takes the guesswork out of going to college.

Roger WIlliams has had a tuition freeze, and now will guarantee tuition stays the same for the duration of the their undergraduate years.

Roger Williams University now offers all students a tuition guarantee. It’s an assurance that tuition will remain the same for all four years of an undergraduate’s education, provided the student stays enrolled continuously. University president Donald Farish said it’s not only increased the quality and size of their freshman class, but has boosted the freshman to sophomore retention rate from 78 to 84 percent.

"We actually did a survey of the entering freshman class to determine how important these actions were to those students in the decision-making process and 63 percent of them said it was important or very important in the decision. And the parents themselves. I’ve heard from parents who say ‘we absolutely love this idea," said Farish.

Holding onto sophomores has allowed Roger Williams University to hold the line on tuition. Tuition’s been frozen for three years at just under 30-thousand dollars.

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