Romney claims primary victory

PROVIDENCE, RI – No surprise to political watchers: unofficial results show GOP front runner Mitt Romney won Rhode Island's presidential primary with 63 percent of the vote.

Rhode Island awards its delegates based on the percentage of the vote, instead of winner take all. There were 16 delegates in play. Romney won 12, and Ron Paul's 24 percent of the vote will give him four delegates. Paul supporter Gary Trott celebrated results at Long Shots Bar 7 Grill in West Warwick - and was thrilled.

"Four years ago we were doing this, came in under the 15 percent required, got nothing, worked hard this time, people are ready to listen to the message of liberty and freedom and constitutional government," Trott says. "Our delegates, they'll go down to Tampa and they'll stand fast for those principles."

Newt Gingrich came in with six percent of the vote. President Obama pulled in 83 percent.

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