Romney in Rhode Island

PROVIDENCE, RI – Local Democrats and Republicans are trading fire over GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's appearance at a Newport fundraiser, where former governor Don Carcieri was among the hosts.

For $250, supporters can attend the fundraiser. Add another zero and the tab for a private reception with Romney is $2500. State GOP chairman Ken McKay says it's too early for him to endorse a candidate, but he likes what he sees in Romney.

"People are looking for somebody, you know, who's got financial background. There's big money problems in the country and I really think the people look at him and think, oh, here's a guy with a certain expertise," he says. "He built businesses and we need somebody like that."

State Democratic chairman Ed Pacheco says Romney's endorsement of the so-called "cut, cap and balance" plan shows he is more concerned with protecting tax cuts for the wealthy than helping ordinary Rhode Islanders.

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