Round-up of post-election coverage on Obamacare

Nov 8, 2012

There have been lots of great stories in the last day or so about what President Obama’s reelection means for health care reform under the Affordable Care Act – otherwise known as Obamacare. A few of my favorites are linked below.

But what’s interesting in Rhode Island is that health care reform has been underway here for several years now, and the state has already made key decisions to comply with the ACA. Many of its other reform initiatives would probably have continued with or without federal support.  Those include things like the CSI project, an initiative out of the health insurance commissioner’s office that promotes primary care and more patient-centered care. Health reform is, in fact, near and dear to the hearts of several of our state’s top leaders. Obama’s reelection will likely mean these efforts not only move forward but move faster.  One of them: the online insurance marketplace, or exchange, which Rhode Island is calling the Health Benefits Exchange. Work on designing the exchange is well underway and a major milestone – a proposal to be submitted for federal approval – is expected soon. Not a moment too soon, either. The exchanges have to be up and running in less than a year.