Salve Regina Students' Alternative Spring Break: Civil Rights Tour

Mar 2, 2014

About 20 Salve Regina students will be doing something different on their spring break this year. They will be taking a civil rights bus tour to learn more about the movement. The tour bus will stop at key sites from the era and the students will interact with former participants. Salve Regina associate professor of religion and theology Dr. Anthony LoPresti said he hopes his students will recognize that racism still remains an issue in our society today.

“And I think that what I hope students will learn is that racism is not entirely a thing of the past," said LoPresti, "and that there is a way of looking at racism not so much as a problem that affects minority groups, but as an overall system that privileges some people and disadvantages others."

Most of the students are enrolled in LoPresti’s “Christian Ethics and Social Issues” class. The bus will go to well-known places from the Civil Rights era, including Washington, D.C. and Birmingham, Alabama.

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