Schwartz says 38 Studios “never really had a chance,” asks why RI officials were slow to understand

Jul 26, 2012

Jason Schwartz, who wrote the definitive story on the 38 Studios saga for Boston Magazine, tells NECN the short version is this: the company “never really had a chance.”

Schwartz says former governor Don Carcieri seemed to be “the only person on Earth” who wanted to provide money to Curt Schilling’s video game company.

Governor Lincoln Chafee has said problems at 38 Studios weren’t apparent until a meeting at the company on April 13. But Schwartz says one of his big unanswered questions is why Rhode Island officials were so slow in finding out something was wrong at the company.

Schwartz scored a coup by getting Schilling to sit down with him. The former star pitcher has offered very few interviews since 38 Studios went south. Schwartz says he thinks the fact he’d spoken with a number of former 38 Studios employees was a factor in why Schilling agreed to talk with him.

Schwartz is also set to appear during the broadcast this weekend of WPRI/WNAC-TV’s Newsmakers.