Scott Brown visits the Ocean State too

Providence, RI – Republican candidate for congress John Loughlin had his own political celebrity in Rhode Island today.

Massachusetts senator Scott Brown spent about four hours campaigning and raising money with Loughlin in the Ocean State.

Loughlin and Brown have a lot in common- the Rhode Island Republican is also hoping to win a seat that's been held by a Kennedy for years. But Loughlin won't call himself the next Scott Brown.

"I see myself as the first John Loughlin," Loughlin says. "And I've always been an independent spirit in the general assembly, I'm sure the governor will tell you that. I'm very proud of the fact I was able to accomplish much by working across party lines."

Loughlin says Brown joined him at a chicken and salad fundraiser on the east side of Providence and helped him shake hands at a strip mall in Lincoln.

President Barack Obama is in the ocean state to campaign for Loughlin's opponent Providence Mayor David Cicilline.

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