Sec. Of State Ralph Mollis Kicks Off Campaign For Lt. Governor

Jan 28, 2014

Secretary of State Ralph Mollis officially kicked off his campaign Monday for Lt. Governor.  One of Mollis’s goals is to put the lieutenant governor and governor on a single ticket.

Secretary of State Ralph Mollis is running for Lt. Governor
Credit Office of the Secretary of State

And that would require changing the state’s constitution, which means voters would have to decide whether they want their governors and lieutenant governors running on a single ticket. Mollis said linking the two offices would turn a lieutenant governor into a more formal advisor to the governor.

"I just think it’s a worthwhile investment to have both of the individuals govern together. We’ve had times when they governed from parties and we’ve proven that it just doesn’t work," said Mollis.

Mollis said as lieutenant governor he would also focus on closing the skills gap. Cumberland Mayor Dan McKee is also running as a democrat for lieutenant governor.

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