Sen. Miller Health Reform Bill Tackles Costs, Transparency

Mar 4, 2013

Rhode Island Sen. Josh Miller has introduced a wide-ranging health care reform bill he hopes will give consumers more information about the costs and quality of the care they receive.

Miller’s bill tries to tackle several major health care reform goals the state has been moving towards in one package. It includes strategies to rein in health care costs and boost consumer access to information about those costs.

“That knowledge and hopefully information about outcomes versus one provider versus another could be really useful for consumers especially going into the marketplace and also selecting insurance products through the exchange," said Miller.

The ‘exchange’ is the online marketplace of insurance plans scheduled to begin enrolling some Rhode Islanders this fall. Miller’s bill also seeks to establish a telephone hotline for consumers to call for information about the cost and quality of different medical procedures. And it would create incentives for insurers to move from a fee-for-service payment model to models that pay for overall health and better results for patients. The bill now heads to the Senate health and human services committee.