Sen. Reed Backing Bill To Have Trump Disclose Financials Before Discussing Trade

Feb 20, 2017

Sen. Jack Reed

Sen. Jack Reed joined thirteen other senators in co-sponsoring a bill that would require President Trump to disclose financial conflicts of interest. The effort is designed to maintain transparency in the White House. Trump would have to publicly disclose any assets and liabilities when negotiating trade or readjusting tariffs with other countries. 

Sen. Reed said that the bill would create accountability when it comes to Trump’s business ties abroad.

“We need to make sure that the interests of the country and its citizenry are protected by the law and that they won’t take a secondary role to the personal financial success of our commander in chief,” said Reed.

The bill says if the president doesn’t submit his financial disclosures to Congress when negotiating trade with another country, any agreement would be ineligible for expedited approval.

The House version of the bill is co-sponsored by 31 representatives.