Sen. Reed Seeks To Preserve RI Naval And Sub Spending

Feb 26, 2014

Sen. Jack Reed has begun reviewing Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s proposed military budget. Reed is a member of the senate Armed Services Committee, which will play a role in passing legislation to enact the budget. He says he’s looking carefully for ways to balance the need to trim spending while ensuring the nation’s military can meet the new kinds of security threats it may face in the future.

Sen. Jack Reed (RI-D) serves on the armed services committee.
Credit Flo Jonic / RIPR

For example, Reed says he hopes to maintain funding for Rhode Island-based military research.

“We also want to continue to keep robust support for the Navy base at Newport, particularly its training functions, the war college," said Reed. "And the research they’re doing at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center is absolutely critical to the future of the country."

Reed believes funding for submarine construction at Quonset Point will continue at the level of two subs a year.