Sen. Reed's Constituents Voice Concerns About Trump Administration

Feb 24, 2017

U.S. Sen. Jack Reed held a meeting with constituents in Providence, Thursday. Some 100 people gathered to voice concerns over President Trump’s cabinet picks, recent executive orders, and Russian relations. Reed said he would continue to fight the administration, but offered few details of how exactly he might do it.

Nancy Kattan, a resident of Cranston and a Muslim, said she wants Reed to be more forceful in his rhetoric.

“I think I want to hear a little more passion behind it, and I think I want somebody to say, no matter what we will protect you, and we will protect your family and we will protect American Muslims,” said Kattan.

Susan Razza of Newport said she was happy with Reed’s responses, but expects to hear more as things move forward.

“I think Senator Reed put forth a lot of good things, but I think he needs to be a little more forceful. I think a lot of people think he needs to be a lot more vocal, but I don’t know all the ins and outs of what he’s going through either,” said Razza.

Newport resident Chris Reeves said he will wait to see how Reed fights the current administration in the Senate.

“I think his track record is going to show later on,” said Reeves. “And with that in mind, we’ll see how our congress people respond and if they don’t we’ll get new Congress People.”

Reed told the crowd he spends much of his time in Washington reaching out to Republicans who might join Democrats in voting down Trump policies.

Reed has voted against many of Trump’s cabinet picks, but most have gone through. He would not commit to flat-out obstruction of Trump policies as some in the room called for.

Progressive Rhode Islanders have been demonstrating at Sen. Reed and Whitehouse’s Congressional offices and town hall events since President Trump’s inauguration.