Sen. Whitehouse Applauds Official Senate Recognition Of Climate Change

Jan 22, 2015

Climate change is real, not a hoax. That’s according the U.S. Senate, which is now on record about the reality of climate change.  The Senate voted 98 to 1 on an amendment recognizing climate change in the Keystone Pipeline bill.  

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse addresses the Senate during one of his weekly speeches on climate change.
Credit Whitehouse Office

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse introduced that resolution and called the vote “a historic shift” for his Republican colleagues. Even Oklahoma Republican Senator Jim Inhofe, who wrote a book on climate change called “The Greatest Hoax” voted in favor of the measure. But he still doesn’t believe humans are contributing to the rapid global warming of the planet. Whitehouse hopes this is a first step in discussing what to do about climate change. The vote comes after Whitehouse’s 85th weekly speech to the Senate, urging his colleagues to action on climate change. 

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