Sen. Whitehouse Embarks On A Climate Change Road Trip

Apr 11, 2014

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse is embarking on a road trip along the southeast coast of the United States to talk about climate change.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse spoke at the signing of Gov. Chafee's executive order to create a climate change council.
Credit Ambar Espinoza / RIPR

Last month, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse went to Iowa to urge Iowans to make climate change a key issue there during the 2016 presidential election cycle. He’s concerned about the ways in which climate change is already affecting Rhode Island. He wants the nation to tackle the issue together.

Soon he’ll travel to the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida to see firsthand the effects of climate change in those states. He’ll talk with local scientists and advocates.

Whitehouse is calling his trip an opportunity to learn about how other states are dealing with climate change and bring those ideas back to Washington.

Whitehouse recently formed the Senate Climate Action Task Force with California Sen. Barbara Boxer.