Sen Whitehouse revs up the crowd at climate change rally

Feb 17, 2013

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse got a crowd of thousands chanting and cheering Sunday at a rally on the National Mall in Washington focused on climate change.

Whitehouse says there are only two ways to move climate change legislation: show Congress how out of step it is with the American public, and encourage the president to get serious on the issue.

When Whitehouse told the crowd that special interest owned Washington and it was up to the people to take it back, the crowd went wild. That’s something Whitehouse says is easier done than revving up his fellow members of Congress.

“Yeah usually I give my speeches to an empty chamber in the Senate, it’s much better to be talking to a crowd of real people who are really engaged in this issue,” says Whitehouse.

A group of Rhode Islanders, mostly members of the Sierra Club and Brown University students attended the rally.

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