Sens. Whitehouse And McCain Push To Limit Gerrymandering

Sep 11, 2017

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse is urging the U.S. Supreme Court to put limits on the practice of drawing voting districts for political advantage, also known as gerrymandering.

He and Sen. John McCain are part of a group of lawmakers who filed a brief with the Supreme Court in a case over political district lines in Wisconsin. They’ve asked the court to take a stricter line on the practice.

Whitehouse argued that gerrymandering creates voting districts that essentially tip the scales for one political party over the other.

“When a party is doing that deliberately, and upsetting the outcome of the popular vote in that state as a result, then the court should step in,” Whitehouse said.

Gerrymandering has long been a political tool, but has recently gotten out of control, according to Whitehouse. He blamed gerrymandering for election results that don’t reflect the popular vote.

“It creates a disconnect between regular voters, the public, and election outcomes, which I think is very disconcerting to those folks,” Whitehouse said.

The Supreme Court is slated to take up the Wisconsin gerrymandering case this fall.