Several health care changes go into effect

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Most Rhode Islanders will get their first taste of federal health reform today. It's the law's 6 month anniversary and the start date for health insurance plans to offer preventative health care services- such as vaccines and mammograms for free.

Children may also stay on their parent's health insurance plans until they turn 26. But Rhode Island's health insurance commissioner Chris Koller warns that these changes don't take place until consumers renew their health plans or buy new ones.

"People looking for more information about when they can add their child, what benefits are covered, should go to their employer because their employer purchases their health insurance for them," Koller said.

Other changes that take place tomorrow won't affect Rhode islanders because they're similar to laws the ocean state passed years ago. Lieutenant governor Elizabeth Roberts and a task force of health care leaders will be using the anniversary to release their plans for implementing health reform in Rhodes Island.