Several Tips but No Solid Leads on Missing Brown Student

Mar 27, 2013

The family of a missing Brown student says while tips are pouring in, there are still no significant leads. The 22-year-old has been missing since March 16th.  Providence Police had said that the family thought Sunil Tripathi committed suicide, but the family is now ruling that out.

The father of Sunil “Sunny” Tripathi  says every day the family calls homeless shelters, hospitals and is plastering fliers up in areas his son liked to visit, hoping that someone knows where he is.

Sunil "Sunny" Tripathi has been missing since March 16th,
Credit Tripathi Family Photo

Sunny is a philosophy major from the Philadelphia area taking time off from school. His brother, Ravi Tripathi says while Sunny suffers from depression, he doesn’t think he took his own life.

 “Up until the Friday he was last seen by his closest friends, he talked to his grandmother on the phone, his aunt in Boston, texted with my mom," says Tripathi. "Nobody had any indication that anything was different that day than any other day.”

Sunny Tripathi is six-foot tall, last seen wearing a black ski jacket and black hat with a Philadelphia Eagles logo. Anyone with information should call the Providence or Brown University police.

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