Shaw's in Barrington no longer has plastic bags

PROVIDENCE, RI – The Shaw's supermarket in Barrington went plastic-bag free over the weekend.

The rustle of paper bags replaced the crinkle of plastic bags at the Shaw's Market in Barrington Sunday. The store has outlawed plastic bags one month ahead of a town-wide ban on their retail use.

Most customers, like Judy Chong, said they welcomed the change. "People are accustomed in Barrington to bring their bags with them. Sometimes we forget our bags like I did this morning. But I think it encourages a certain type of behavior. "

Flo Jonic asked "AND YOU APPROVE IT?" to which Chong replied "I do."

Peter DiPaola agreed. "I think it's great. We could always use ideas to help out the ecosystem. Fantastic. Another way to save the environment."

Customer Laura Cyr approves of the plastic bag ban wholeheartedly. "Oh I think it's great. Yeah, it's awesome because it's better for the environment. Plastic is bad."

Jonic queried "Did you bring your own bags today?" To which Cyr replied "No, I forgot today but I will be."

Shaw's company spokesman Steve Sylven says the one-size-fits-all plastic bag has been replaced with a trio of paper bags. "We sort of have a small bag we'll be offering for one, two or three items; a regular size bag and a larger paper bag. But really what we're going to do and have been doing is really trying to encourage the use of reusable bags."

The company gave away 20,000 recyclable grocery bags in advance of the plastic bag ban.

Sylven says the plastic bag ban is part of the company's goal of producing zero waste.

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