Shellfish Management Plan hears from the fishing industry

Jan 23, 2013

As work continues on the state’s new Shellfish Management Plan … commercial fishermen now get a chance to chime in on the plan.

The University of Rhode Island estimates that commercial shellfishing in the Ocean State pumps more than $3 million annually into the local economy. That’s why the state is keen on creating a new management plan that protects and promotes the industry. URI’s Fisheries and Aquaculture extension specialist, Azure Cygler, says creators of the plan want to know the most pressing issues impacting the industry.

“You know we can’t address all of them. So what are the most important things over the next two years for this plan?" says Cygler. "And then we can project forward… what will be our future.”

Cygler says the plan will aim to address where fishermen can harvest shellfish. She says the plan must balance out competing interests, adding there’s only so much space to fish in the bay and coastal ponds.

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