Shutdown over, Cicilline gets down to what Congress does best

Oct 17, 2013

There is one element of the U.S. Congress that  government shutdowns, fiscal Thelma and Louise threats, and the endless disputes over Obamacare never seem to touch: the relentless search for campaign money by senators and representatives.

The latest Rhode Island example is 1st District Democratic Congressman David Cicilline. The ink was barely dry on the eleventh-hour deal that delayed the shutdown craziness for 90 days or so when Cicilline was on the Internet, begging for campaign money.

In an e-mail message, Cicilline boasts that ``It’s finally over’’ and goes on to say that he squared off on CNN against a House Republican who was one of representatives who ``caused the 16-day government shutdown and nearly sank our economy.’’

So now that the immediate ``crisis’’ is over, Cicilline wants supporters to get back to business-as-usual – by giving him campaign money.

``In order to win back the House, I need your help today to help me win my reelection…please contribute to my campaign today to help expel the Tea Party from Washington and take back our government from the far right wing of the Republican Party.’’

Is there nothing in Washington these days that isn’t an occasion for ramping up the unremitting troll for campaign money?