The Silver Boom: Cost of Long-Term Care in Rhode Island

Mar 13, 2013

These are the average costs, over time, of some long-term care options in Rhode Island.

Note that the assisted living figure is monthly ($3528 in 2012), the nursing home rate is daily ($265 in 2012), and the home health aide figure is hourly ($24 in 2012).  That means that if you or a loved one needed 365 days of nursing home care, for example, the cost would be about $97,000 for the year. If you needed about 20 hours of help a week from a home health aide every day of the year, that would work out to about $25,000.

In short, long-term care is expensive. And that isn't likely to change any time soon. Medicare often doesn't cover much in the way of long-term care options. And Medicaid has strict eligibility requirements. You can find some helpful information on paying for long-term care at, a site created by the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services.

Average Cost of Long-Term Care Options in Rhode Island | Infographics