Skateboarders Take To The Streets Of Downtown Providence

Jun 22, 2017

Skateboard wheels hit the pavement Wednesday across Rhode Island's capital city to celebrate national "Go Skateboarding Day." Dozens of skaters gathered in downtown Providence, where a local skateboard company set up ramps and rails for riders to use.

For at least one of those riders, Carlos Garcia, skateboarding is a sport like no other. Garcia has been skating in Providence since the late 1990s.

“I would go downtown and skateboard by myself and maybe I would see one other skateboarder, but in the last, I think five or six years, it’s like doubled, tripled," Garcia said. "Now you can’t even go anywhere without seeing someone skateboarding.”

Garcia believes part of the appeal of skateboarding is that the sport has an artistic element.

“There’s no time limits, there’s no rules, there’s no, like, out of bounds or anything like that,” said Garcia. You can just look at an object and come up with your own trick to do on it, so it kind of never gets boring."

"Go Skateboarding Day" began as an unofficial holiday in 2004, and according to skateboarders it is now celebrated across the country.