Skeletal Remains Found Last Summer Identified

Jun 19, 2014

Rhode Island’s medical examiner has identified skeletal remains discovered under a factory cement floor in Providence last summer.

Health officials say his name was Phillip P. Seals. He was born in 1936 and lived in Providence until at least 1982. Workers found Seals’ skeletal remains in the basement of a hundred-year-old brick factory building on Prairie Avenue in July 2013. They were renovating the building when they discovered a skull and rib bones.

In the year since that gruesome find, the state medical examiner has worked with the Providence police, a forensic anthropologist, and other agencies to help identify the remains.

A comparison of DNA from his skeleton with DNA from a relative’s cheek swab confirmed his identify. It’s still unclear how Seals died, but police say they’re treating the death as suspicious.