Slight Uptick In NE Gas Prices As Texas Refineries Close Due To Harvey

Aug 28, 2017

Gas prices are up 1.5 cents in New England, and AAA says that’s partly due to damage from Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

In Rhode Island, gas went up by one cent to $2.34 per gallon, while Massachusetts’ prices increased by two cents to $2.26 per gallon.

Lloyd Albert, spokesman for AAA Northeast, said the storm closed some 15 oil refineries in Houston and Corpus Christi at the end of last week.

“There are some concerns about supplies over the next several days,” Albert Said. “We are seeing price spikes pretty considerable in that part of the country, but at this point here, we’ve been kind of immune to anything very dramatic.”

According to Albert, New England gets a lot of its gas through New York Harbor and the East Coast refineries. The Gulf Coast, however, processes crude oil for a significant part of the country, so it plays a significant role in market pricing. 

Albert said a more noticeable price increase could take place as refineries remain offline and with a holiday weekend approaching.