Snow Falling On RI, Turning To Sleet

Feb 4, 2014

Meteorologists predict Wednesday’s storm will be quick and hard hitting. Glenn Field with the National Weather Service said the snow will hit around 4:00 am and start coming down hard during the morning commute, “maybe one to perhaps two inches per hour, for about four or five hours during that rush hour period,” said Field.

A plow shovels out the snow in downtown Providence.
Credit John Bender / RIPR

National Weather Service said Wednesday's storm could dump up to ten inches, and another storm could hit Sunday night.
Credit NWS

A list of closings and parking bans can be found here.

The snow will turn into a mix of sleet and rain by the late morning. Field’s forecasting four to six inches for southern Rhode Island, and eight to ten for the northern part of the state.

It will be a wet and heavy snowfall, and National Grid said that could cause tree damage and power outages. Spokesman David Graves said extra crews are on standby in cases the snow pulls trees down onto power lines. “There are no high winds associated with this storm, so we’re being cautious,” said Graves.  “We do have crews available to us, and we will be prepared to respond if needed.”

Another storm could be on the way for the weekend, Field said it could hit Sunday night into Monday morning. And he said forecasters are keeping an eye on another system that could hit the state around Valentine’s Day.

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation said it has more than 350 crews out plowing the roads, and that the crews will be out all day Wednesday.