Snowfall Varies Widely in Small Area

Mar 8, 2013

The National Weather Service predicts Rhode Island will get another one to two inches of snow Friday.  This is much less than the eight to ten inches which had been initially projected for Thursday and Friday.

Providence, RI
Credit Aaron Read / RIPR

Current snow accumulation is mostly less than five inches across Rhode Island according to Meteorologist Matt Doody. “We only had an inch at the airport as of midnight and then we got a report this morning earlier of about two inches in Little Compton.  Then if you go ten miles or so east, maybe less,  we actually  just got a report from an employee who lives in Foxboro and they have 14 (inches).  So you can see that there‘s been  quite a difference as we go east to west across the RI  border."

More snow fell in Sharon MA
Credit Tim Monroe / RIPR

Doody says forecasters have had a tough time with this storm. “It’s been a very tricky storm right from the get-go.  This is one of those storms where we’re scratching our heads.  There’s a lot of uncertainty in how much snowfall we’d be expecting.  Mainly because you’re dealing with temperatures that have been hovering not very far from freezing.”

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