Solar-powered recycling comes to Newport

Providence, RI – The City by the Sea has rolled out five solar-powered recycling compactors. Newport officials say the bins are about the size of a mailbox and are able to hold more recyclables than regular bins.

Newport's Clean City Coordinator, Kristin Littlefield, says the city plans to monitor the bins to see if they will be effective.

"Boosting our recycling rate would be great," she says. "It might not happen with five. But we're definitely going to be pulling recyclables that normally would've been thrown away so we're going to be pulling them out of the waste stream and that's really exciting to us as well."

Littlefield adds that trash had been thrown into previous recycling bins in the past, contaminating the material. She hopes the new bins, colored in bright blue, will remind people of their recycling only status.

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