Solomon Raises $137K+ in Q1; War Chest Tops $600K

Apr 10, 2014

City Council President Michael Solomon has continued his pacesetting fundraising among Providence mayoral candidates, collecting more than $137,000 in the first quarter of 2014 to push his war chest past the $600,000 mark.

Solomon's fundraising gives him one advantage over fellow Democrats Lorne Adrain, Jorge Elorza, and Brett Smiley in the run-up to the September 9 primary. Solomon started raising money aggressively in 2011 and has maintained a commanding fundraising lead among the Democrats.

Solomon's campaign says he raised $137,746 in Q1. The campaign says Solomon separately contributed an additional $47,000 of his own money to match every dollar contributed during the last week of the fundraising quarter. Solomon has also collected a string of endorsements from city and state officials.

Via statement, Solomon says, "With the help of supporters and volunteers, we are building a strong grassroots movement to create jobs, rebuild our schools and improve the quality of life in every neighborhood in our great city of Providence.”

Smiley spokesman Josh Block says Smiley surpassed his fundraising goal for the third consecutive quarter and will release details at the end of the month. I'll post similar details from the Elorza and Adrain campaigns as I receive them.

Elorza's campaign manager, Marisa O'Gara sas via email, "Jorge exceeded his Q1 fundraising goal and is very excited about and thankful for the strong grassroots support our campaign is receiving. We'll release exact figures in due time."

At the end of Q4 last year, Smiley had a campaign balance of about $154,000, compared with $86,000 for Adrain, and $170,000 for Elorza.