Some Good News on RI Job Growth

Jul 15, 2013

Some news for Rhode Island’s beleaguered economy: First quarter tax data shows that job growth in the Ocean State was better than estimated, with the state economy generating 1,700 more jobs that first indicted in the March, 2013 report from the state Dep0artment of Labor and Training.

The DLT says that the new data is based on employment information from the state’s 32,000 private sector employers. The new estimates suggest an over the year gain of 2,300 Rhode Island-based jobs.

The growth was fueled by increased hiring in the accommodation and food service sector and in construction.

The bad news is the downward trend in financial services and in education hiring. While the job trend is moving in the right direction, Rhode Island is still a long way from getting back the thousands of jobs lost in the recession.