Sound + Vision: Interviews With The Artists

May 21, 2018

For our "20 Years of Sound + Vision" event, RIPR CEO Torey Malatia talked with a few of the artists who performed or presented their work during our 2-day event.

Storyteller Len Cabral was the curator for our event and served as MC on Saturday night.

Rose Weaver was the headlining performer on Saturday night with her Honeysuckle Rose Band.

India Association of Rhode Island performed classical Indian dance as well as contemporary dance styles inspired by Bollywood. Rupa Datta and Ratuja Patil represented the association.

Kanina performed Middle Eastern dance.

Ben Giguere of Gather Glass held a demonstration of glass blowing techniques and offered a specially made glass ornament for RIPR.

Alaina Mohoney was part of the design team for the "Giving Tree" - an iron and steel sculpture showcasing the people who have supported RIPR.

James Lentz was part of the design team for the "Giving Tree" and was part of the team pouring the iron for the leaves.

Lolita Black performed on Friday night and helped keep the crowd warm with their high-energy performance. We talked with Bob Otis and Kaleigh Melise.