Springtime Snow On The Way For Rhode Island

Mar 24, 2014

After a relatively warm weekend, with highs in the upper fifties on Saturday, Rhode Island is now being struck by below-freezing temperatures.  And now snow is on the way.

Do you remember this?
Credit Kristin Gourlay / RIPR

The National Weather Service is watching a storm that’s expected to hit the North East on Tuesday night, lasting into Wednesday.  Newport and Aquidneck Island are expected to get the brunt of it, with four to six inches of snow. A winter storm advisory has already been issued for the area. The rest of the state will see between two and four inches.

Weather service meteorologist Alan Dunham said spring weather will return.

"Fear not. Warmth will return to Rhode Island basically by Friday with highs in the mid-fifties and Sunday with highs in the mid-to upper sixties so, once we get through this storm on Wednesday, things start looking up," said Dunham.

But for now temperatures are hovering in the low thirties, and plunging into the teens overnight.

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