Standardized Testing will Not be Part of Teacher Evaluations This Year

Aug 26, 2013

The state Department of Education is postponing for one year the inclusion of NECAP test scores in a teacher’s evaluation. State Education Commissioner Deborah Gist said there was not enough clarity on how the test was being used to assess teacher effectiveness.

"The feedback that we got is that it would be more useful to receive it this year, have it be part of the system, part of their coaching, part of the development of their professional learning plans but not have it calculate into the system," said Gist.
"Kind of like a couple of years ago when we decided to do a year of gradual implementation for the rest of the system .. this is kind of similar to that."

Gist said it’s a commonly held misbelief that students have to demonstrate partial proficiency on the NECAP test.  Not true, she says. They just have to show improvement.

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