State GOP chairman leaves for D.C. post

PROVIDENCE, RI – After eight months in his volunteer role, State Republican Party chairman Ken McKay is leaving for a staff job in Washington, D.C.

McKay resigned last week to become a senior adviser to freshman Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. In a message released by Johnson's office, McKay says he wanted to be a part of what he calls, "the battle of our time," in the nation's capital.

McKay ran former governor Don Caricieri's two winning campaigns and served as chief of staff for part of Carcieri's time in office. McKay later worked in Washington for the Republican National Committee before returning to Rhode Island.

The state GOP chairman's role is being filled on a temporary basis by first vice chairman Steven Frias. In a message sent to the Republican central committee, Frias says a special election to elect a new chairman must be held within 30 days of McKay's resignation.

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