State Lawmaker Under Police Investigation Won't Resign, Says Attorney

Jan 17, 2018

RI Statehouse

Rhode Island State Senator Nicholas Kettle has no plans to resign, that according to his attorney.

The 27-year old Republican lawmaker is the subject of a State Police investigation.

The investigation may have been prompted by a dispute between Kettle and a person with whom he had a relationship said Kettle’s attorney, Paul DiMaio.

According DiMaio, that person discovered something they found to be questionable on Kettle’s iPad.

DiMaio did not specify what the content was, though he contends the investigation does not stem from any accusations of violence, possession of illegal pornographic material, or drugs.

“The bottom line is, if it’s a felony it’s not a serious felony,” said DiMaio. “And there’s no violent accusations here, no accusations of drugs, none of that stuff, no domestic violence, so if he wasn’t a state senator this never would have happened.”

DiMaio said Kettle received a call over the weekend implying that he should resign. DiMaio said Kettle received a second call Monday.

“He got a phone call on Monday from someone who I suspect was under the control of state police asking pointed questions looking for some kind of admission.”

He added that while Kettle was “rattled” he will not step down from his elected position.

“I think his reason for not resigning is it has nothing to do with his position, and I think he’s going to consider reelection,” said DiMaio. “I’m not sure, but if he is, he could be saying ‘let the people decide, let it play out, see what happens.’ Even if he’s charged, I don’t see a conviction here.”

State Police officers were at Kettle’s Coventry home Tuesday. Attorney DiMaio said officers collected electronics including a cellphone and laptops.