State Leaders Reluctant to Intervene in Coventry Fire District

Apr 2, 2013

Legislative leaders signaled Monday that local officials in Coventry should be the ones responsible for addressing the future of a troubled fire district in the town. A Superior Court judge has ordered the Central Coventry Fire District to close April 11th.

The future of the Central Coventry district became uncertain after voters recently rejected a tax increase to keep it operating. Closing the district is expected to increase the response time from other fire districts in Coventry. But Senate President Teresa Paiva Weed says looking at the situation in isolation is the wrong approach.

“We have done nothing but talk about the necessity to collaborate and merge services between 39 cities and towns," she says. "So to discuss one fire district in a vacuum makes no sense.”

House Speaker Gordon Fox says he’s also skeptical about a state bailout of the troubled fire district. Instead, he says, state officials will gather more information before considering their options.