State Officials Urge Residents To Recycle Their Christmas Trees

Dec 30, 2013

With Christmas over, many families have already started to take down the tree.  State officials are urging people to recycle them.

Christmas is over, time to recycle those trees! They're turned into mulch.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Most Rhode Island communities provide curbside pick-up of Christmas trees. The trees are hauled to the central landfill in Johnston, where they’re ground up for use as mulch in the spring.

Sarah Kite, director of recycling services at the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation which operates the landfill, said they accept all organic Christmas decorations provided they’re stripped bare.

"So boughs, or centerpieces, or wreaths, as long as they have all of the lights taken off, and ribbons and bows, and they're just naked.  That's what we want.  We want bare trees," said Kite. 

Kite was unable to say how many Christmas trees Rhode Islanders recycle every year but she says it runs into several hundred tons.

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