Statewide Network of Electric Car Charging Stations on the Way

Jun 11, 2013

By the end of the summer Rhode Island will have more than 50 charging stations for electric cars. Even with the new charging stations the state will still lag behind its neighbors.

The first one comes online next week, and through the summer more than 50 more will pop up across the state. That’s fewer than the 60-plus in Connecticut and more than 100 charging stations in Massachusetts, said Al Dahlberg who helped craft the plan.

Dahlberg said once all the charging stations are in, a smartphone App will guide drivers to the nearest one.  “People can be driving through Rhode Island or along major arterials and plug into their GPS or navigational system,” said Dahlberg, “and see where the local charging stations are.”

Dahlberg said stimulus funds will pay for the charging stations and the station’s host will pay for the power for the first four years, making it free for drivers to charge their cars.

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