Stockpiled With Sand And Salt, RI DOT Ready For Winter Weather

Dec 29, 2015

The state Department of Transportation is ready for the first snow of the season. The agency will be deploying dozens of trucks across the state Monday and Tuesday.

DOT officials say more than one-hundred sand-and-salt trucks are at the ready for the expected one to three inches of snow. The trucks haven’t seen much use this season, with temperatures reaching above sixty degrees earlier this month.

DOT spokesperson Joe Bucci said the unseasonably warm weather will help make clearing roads easier.

“Leading up to this with the warm weather and everything there’s a little bit of relief because the pavement temperatures will be up, because it’s been so warm,” said Bucci. “So that will work in our favor.”

A wintry mix of snow, sleet and rain is predicted to make for a particularly messy morning commute.

Bucci added that they’re more than well-stocked with salt and sand.

“We have thirty-thousand tons of salt on the ground right now,” said Bucci. “And then we have a strategic salt reserve and that is twenty thousand tons.”

Bucci said the state goes through nearly ten tons of snow per large winter storm. Last winter, the state’s stockpiles of salt and sand got dangerously low as storm after storm pummeled the east coast. 

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