Strong Chocolate Sales This Valentine’s Day For RI Chocolatier

Feb 14, 2014

One local chocolatier says this has been a busy Valentine’s Day. Jennifer Dowell owns Jennifer’s Chocolates in Wakefield. Sales this year are way ahead of last year, she speculates that maybe the bad weather prodded couples to get their Valentine’s orders in early.

Making chocolates at Jennifer's Chocolates.
Credit Courtesy Jennifer's Chocolates

The big sellers this year are smoked sea salt caramels, truffles, and chocolate dipped strawberries – lots of chocolate dipped strawberries. “We have about a million orders for strawberries,” Dowell said. “Strawberries have to be eaten and dipped on the same day so, we have ah … we’re doing a lot of strawberries.”

Dowell said Valentine’s Day on a Friday usually puts a damper on candy sales because couples choose to spend their money on a meal out, but for whatever reason this year is bucking that trend.

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