Student claims witness intimidation in Brown rape case

Providence, R.I. –

A new twist in the case of a former Brown student who claims he was falsely accused of rape. Court documents filed this week allege intimidation of a witness, Michael Burch, who was McCormick's wrestling coach and advisor at Brown.

Burch says he got an anonymous letter last month inviting him to dinner at a Providence cafe. Burch says he went to the restaurant with a friend. The next day he got a phone call from a woman he did not know.

"It was a taunting phone call," Burch said. "Did you have fun with your anonymous gift, did you like your dinner at the Downcity Cafe, just calling to see if you were happy about it. Actually I wasn't happy about it because I perceive this to be a threat."

William McCormick, a former Brown student, is suing the university and a female member of the class of 2010 over what McCormick says is a false rape charge. McCormick's attorney claims the phone call to Burch was traced to a private investigator who has worked for the alleged rape victim's family.

The family's attorney did not return calls for comment.

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