Student with Criminal Record Kicked out of URI Dorm

Feb 25, 2013

URI campus
Credit courtesy URI

The University of Rhode Island is clarifying its on-campus housing policy after a student with a criminal record was found living in one of the dorms.  The student has since moved out.

Malcolm Jones moved into a dorm on the URI Kingston campus January 29th. The next day a parole officer came knocking, alerting the university of his conviction for armed robbery. The school asked him to move out. He complied.

URI spokeswoman Linda Acciardo says Jones would not have been admitted to university housing had he applied directly to the Kingston campus, but he was a transfer from the college of Continuing Education in Providence which does not do criminal background checks. "When he enrolled through the Providence campus he was not asked about any criminal history. We always ask that question through our regular undergraduate admission on the Kingston campus. So when that came to light over the past two weeks we’ve already changed that."

Acciardo says Jones remains a student but is no longer living on campus. "Had we known the course of what happened would have been slightly different. He likely would have still been admitted through the Providence campus. He certainly would not have been given on-campus housing."

Jones was also going to URI on a tuition waiver because his father is the university’s director of enrollment services. The father, Carnell Jones Jr, has since withdrawn the tuition waiver request.

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