Students to Protest Closure of Alvarez High School

Nov 12, 2013

Students plan to testify at the Providence School Board on Tuesday against a proposal to shut down Alvarez High School. The board is considering converting the South Providence building into a middle school, as the city braces for a jump in middle school enrollment.

As a high school, Alvarez has struggled with a history of low test scores and is currently undergoing a state-ordered school overhaul. Still, senior Ruth Presendieu says closing it down would damage the one thing the small school has going for it, a strong sense of community.

“You can say we’re like a family. We’re close with each other,” Presendieu said. “The students are close. We’re close with the faculty.”

Presendieu is a member of the Providence Student Union, a group opposing the closure.

The Providence School Board is expected to vote on the proposal for Alvarez High School later this month.