Students take part in mock election

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – A mock election in which more than 6,000 Rhode Island high school students voted sheds new light on the thinking of the next generation.

The kids developed eight ballot questions. All but one passed.

They voted to legalize civil unions and marijuana, to abolish the electoral college, to make 9/11 a national holiday and to do away with the NECAP test as a requirement for high school graduation.

The only measure that went down to defeat was one that would prohibit U.S. companies from outsourcing jobs. Mock election coordinator Mike Connolly says that shows young people have a more accepting view of a global economy.

"Young people today, if you talk to them in the classroom, are more global in their thinking and how the economy is going to go," Connolly say. "But there is a different mentality with young people on how this global economy is going to work in the future."

The mock election was funded with a federal grant.

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