Study: RI to create 153,000 jobs

Providence, R.I. – Rhode Island will create 153,000 job openings by 2018 and 61 percent of them will require at least some post-secondary training. That's according to a new labor market study by the Georgetown University Center on Education in the workforce.

The findings will be published Friday in the New England Journal of Higher Education. They present a mixed picture for Rhode Island.

The study finds demand for college graduates rising slightly in Rhode Island, while jobs for people with no college education are on the decline. But Rhode Island will still have the highest percentage of jobs for high school dropouts in New England. Study author Anthony Carnevale says that's a problem for the state.

"In the end, what they are is they're just not very good jobs," Carnevale says. "I mean they're not steady and the wage they pay and the benefits they pay are not very good and that just seems to be getting worse, not better."

Some experts say the study does not accurately portray the labor market in Rhode Island, where growth areas include health, education and science and technology. Employers in those sectors tend to prefer workers with a bachelor's degree.